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UK property market

Are you looking for a UK property, development or an investment opportunity that match your needs?

If you are an overseas buyer, you may be considering buying UK residential property as an investment.

Before you decide to invest, read our guide on things non-resident buyers need to know about investing in

UK property.

Firstly, you can own a property in two different ways. You may purchase a property and own the freehold

withing that purchase, or you may own it as a leasehold. Below explains the difference between a freehold and

a leasehold property.

What is a freehold property?

In England and Wales, a freehold means outright ownership of the land and the dwelling that sits on it. Most

houses in England and Wales are owned on a freehold basis.

What is a leasehold property?

A leasehold means you only own the property for a fixed period of time. The duration is typically specified in a

legal agreement with the landlord (the freeholder). Most flats are owned on a leasehold basis, as are houses

that are bought through shared ownership schemes.

Tax on income made through rental property

One thing that may affect the profitability of a property investment is the income tax you may need to pay on it,

and any additional costs such as stamp duty or even day-to-day maintenance.

Individuals have a tax-free personal allowance of up to £11,500 in the tax year from 6th April 17 – 5th April 18.

In the tax year 2018 – 19 this will increase to £11,850.

For example, if you purchased two properties valued at £75,000 with 10% net income:

£15,000 income

£11,850 allowance

£3,150 taxable at 20%

= £630 tax

Tax Implications for Overseas Investors

You will get a tax-free personal allowance if you are a citizen of a European Economic Area country, or you

have worked for the British Government at any time during that tax year.

You may also get a tax-free personal allowance if you reside in a country that is included in the doubletaxation

agreement. More details on countries that are in the double-taxation agreement can be found here.

We can help purchasing your property in the UK.

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Whether your looking to buy for investment, buy to let or a restoration, tkgroupuk with its years of experience

can offer you a bespoke concierge service, meeting all your needs.

We will source a property that meets your requirements and once you take the decision to buy, we will be

alongside you all the way to ensure that the process is a smooth one.


We specialise in finding property in the UK at prices below their market share, and to sell at a profit for our

clients. We have unique selling points to offer such as purchasing the client a two bedroom property and

converting it into a four bedroom house, whilst dealing with all building permits, obtained by our architects and

lawyers as part of our platinum package.


Introducing our clients to banks and brokers for their purchases and finding the best possible interest rates.


Once we have found and purchased you a property that fully meets your requirements you can utilize our

design and development team to work on the flat or house.


Our team of property and tax lawyers can ensure the best way to buy in the UK in relation to tax, citizenship

as well as arranging all contracts.

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